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Our teeth can become hypersensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks when their protective layer, the enamel, is damaged or worn down. If the tooth’s internal nerves are exposed and unprotected, a sharp pain may arise when temperature travels into the tooth.A painful situation can result from losing a tooth. However, our teeth age alongside us as we become older. They can grow slack, worn out, or lose their place. Often, a missing tooth can be restored by a dentist. Your dentist might be able to reattach the tooth, depending on the circumstances and the cause of the loss. If this is not an option, a dental bridge, a denture, or a dental implant may be used to replace the missing tooth. The following are some examples of factors that may affect the decision to replace a missing tooth: A brighter smile means a brighter you. The vast majority of people tie a significant portion of their self-worth to how they look.

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