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With tooth reshaping, you can feel more confident about the way you look and know that your teeth are perfectly shaped. Although few people wear braces to straighten their teeth, tooth contouring is a simple choice. This corrective technique, also known as dental shaping, is a choice, but not everyone should use it. Prior to having your teeth reshaped, you should consider the cycle, how to take care of yourself afterward, and whether this procedure is right for you. Reshaping teeth, also known as odontoplasty, is a simple and cost-effective corrective dentistry procedure used to repair chipped, uneven, skewed, or fractured teeth. This quick and easy treatment involves removing a section of the tooth enamel and then stretching or shaping the tooth that is having issues. In order to achieve the perfect shape, your dentist may also use tooth-colored adhesive gum that adheres to and solidifies on your teeth.

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