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The field of dentistry known as "laser dentistry" employs lasers to address a variety of dental issues that people may have. In precise terms, laser dentistry describes the application of a thin, intensely concentrated light beam to a specific tissue in order to sculpt or remove it from the mouth. Laser dentistry is utilized all around the world for a variety of dental operations, from straightforward procedures to more complicated ones. The fact that laser dentistry doesn't require drilling is one of the reasons why patients choose it. This eliminates the unpleasant sensation that comes with the loud drilling noises and vibrations that patients had to endure during the procedure. Two different types of lasers are typically employed during the laser treatments: hard tissue lasers and soft tissue lasers. The different wavelengths of these two lasers are suitable for different types of tissue or for the proper cutting. Different tissues absorb light at different wavelengths, which is why there are numerous types of lasers.

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