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Dental bonding is basically the same procedure as dental fillings, except that instead of using a filling, a material is utilized to restore, build up, or fill a natural tooth. Although the word "filling" typically refers to fixing a decayed region, the phrase "bonding" is more frequently used in cosmetic contexts. It refers to any process in which the tooth's color, shape, or other aesthetic features are altered using material. Composite resin is the material that is virtually commonly utilized, and anesthesia is frequently not needed. Whenever someone is looking to improve the appearance of their teeth, this is frequently the least expensive option. A dental filling is a direct restoration that is used to fix a tooth that has deteriorated or been damaged. It is sometimes the initial step in saving a compromised tooth. Your dentist will first numb the region with a local anesthetic before beginning to remove any naturally occurring teeth that are decaying or structurally unstable. The filling material can be inserted into the tooth after it has been prepared.

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