Cosmetic Filling

Cosmetic bonding is a procedure that uses a composite resin or a dense, formable plastic that looks and feels just like the enamel on your tooth. The composite material can be used to fill in chips or to add length or width to a tooth to achieve the size and shape you desire. With a skilled dentist like Dr. Preet, you can achieve the look you want in just one visit. Dr. Jorgenson will review the bonding process and collaborate with you to determine the size, shape, and color you desire. Then he will directly apply the composite material to your tooth and use a curing light to harden the material. Voila! You have a beautiful, strong, healthy smile!

  • Cosmetic Filling in Punjabi Bagh
  • Cosmetic Filling in kirti nagar
  • Cosmetic Filling in tilak nagar
  • Cosmetic Filling in moti nagar

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