Waterlase Dentistry

The Waterlase laser system combines laser energy with water spray to perform a variety of dental procedures using patented technology for teeth, gums, and bones called hydroponics. Tooth enamel naturally contains 5% water. Teeth and bones reach 25%. Biological research led to the discovery of the YSGG water heating laser at 2780 nm and a specially designed manual supply of air and water. Symbolically stimulates water molecules from the spray and the target tissue by hand. As a result, biological microwaves in the tooth structure are effective. Atomic water and cannons constantly moisten the teeth, preventing fever and pain. The balanced wavelength physics of YSGG removes enamel and toothpaste and shrinks surgical soft tissue. This technology is called Waterlase. Our dentist has completed a course in laser dentistry and swimming dentistry. We can use traditional instruments with laser technology for a variety of advanced dental procedures and safe and effective treatments for framework teeth. Basically, the laser device emits a very narrow, strong light, and during its processing, we can remove or repair tissue. When using a laser, some procedures may not require dental preparation or the use of anesthetics to make the patient feel more comfortable. Lasers are also often more accurate and can reduce symptoms and recovery time associated with conventional treatments. In the case of gum disease or gum disease, laser surgery can reduce bacteria and control blood flow.

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